50 cent continues to Dominate the Hip-Hop with Power

Written by on December 11, 2017

Total Domination of Hip-Hop with Power

It’s not hard to find someone engadged in the typical debate over Hip-Hop royalty. Normally the debate includes the likes of Jay Z,  Diddy, Rick Ross, and most commonly 50 Cent. A true pioneer of Hip-hop and one of the most formidable competitors in the game. As Hip-Hop’s dominates music, Film and Television, 50 Cent proves to be one of the best.  Most noteworthy, his hit television show power demonstrates his writing, acting and production skills and securing his relevance.


Most noteworthy, season five of Power is scheduled to air on US TV network Starz this fall. Especially relevant is  50’s promise to reboot the show on BET. Because of  his success with Bet’s 50 Central anything is possible for Mr. Jackson. As power continues as one of the hottest shows on all networks, fans anticipate 2018.

Future Projects

50 cent continues to expand beyond television with, 50 Central, and stars in the new film, Den of Thieves. The action-packed heist film is scheduled to hit theaters on Jan. 19, 2018. Most of all he remains relevant and features on songs with the hottest artists such as Chris Brown.  Rumors of  a new G Unit album proves more assurance of 50’s dominance.

The winner

When considering the difference between industry giants, Jay Z and 50 Cent, totality has to be considered. Jay Z made much of his wealth from record label ownership and clothing sales. Since 50 Cent’s intial deal with Shady/ Aftermath did not limit his ability to achieve financial success. Most artist with similar deals struggle to succeed when signed to other artist. However, this is clearly not the case for this industry giant, this is why 50 Cent is our choice. He entered the game late and succeeded beyond the expectations of the critics. during his regin of nearly two decades, 50 Cent has never fail to demonstrate his dominance.

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