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Welcome to the urban heat podcast page. Here you’ll find the latest and greatest podcast that urban heat and other partners have the offer.  Our topics focus on a wide range of music, to include hip-hop and R&B. Occasionally there special events hosted by our  on-air talent, with shows such as R&B bad boys, legends of the game, a lyrical madness. In addition to the musical podcast, we offer a variety of news podcasts covering  various entertainment topics. One of the most amazing features of this page is that you have an opportunity to request a custom podcast.  The entire process is fairly simple and you can do it today. Simply outline an idea of a show that you would like to hear, and you believe would be great for all urban heat radio listeners. Submit your proposal to info@urbanheatradio.com and wait for the results.

Once you receive your request we would do everything we can to develop a specific show that will meet your needs and who knows you may receive an invite.Now what about the music?  How can urban heat radio ever forget the music which is what made us who we are today?  The station is more than your normal radio experience, this is a movement. We pride ourselves in ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to express yourself and unfiltered, and uncensored matter. What better way to do this  then feature some of the hottest podcast from around the world. Hip-hop Is global and far exceeds the block, so therefore we are open to expanding the listener experience. This page also hosts various  mixes from top sound cloudy days, urban heat radio DJs, and  many other shows from classic urban heat archives. Share this page with everyone you know and enjoy Urban Heat Radio Podcast.

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