Chris Brown In Trouble With The Law It would seem Chris Brown the villain of the Hip Hop/ R&B world has landed himself in hot water yet again. This time it is over some actual monkey business. It would seem the star purchased a pet monkey and quickly boasted about it on social media. The […]

Chris Brown & R. Kelly Collab on “Juicy Booty” Chris Brown, R. Kelly and Jhené Aiko collaborate on “Juicy Booty,” a track from his 45-song album Heartbreak on a Full Moon.  Since the release of the record, social media went crazy. No matter what side you are on, the timing of this collaboration can’t be right. […]

Hip-Hop may be its own worst enemy How deep are the roots of the Hip-Hop culture? Well, that depends on where you are located. The origins of Hip-Hop are extremely deep on the east coast, and far deeper than many are willing to acknowledge. Considering the undeniable fact that most of the pioneers of modern […]

How Dominate is LL Cool J In the Hip-hop Game During the time of auto tune and basement production, not everyone knows how mighty LL COOL J was in his prime. He was the 16-year-old kid with a fantastic flow and the looks of an Adonis. LL Cool J established himself early as a Hip-hop […]

Joe Budden the most Misunderstood Who is Joe Budden? Could Joe Budden be one of the most underrated and misunderstood artists  in the hip-hop game?  Born in Harlem New York and raised in the harsh city of Jersey City, New Jersey.  Joe Budden is no stranger to the difficulty of the streets and is apparently […]

DJ Premier – Our Streets feat. A$AP Ferg DJ Premier where have you been? The game has not been blessed with a track this fire in a long time. Surfing the web this morning and read across this track and thought I fell into a time machine. With lines such as “I just want something […]

Do Lyrics Matter anymore In The Hiphop Game Visit any barbershop on a weekend that you were here the infamous debate, do lyrics matter anymore? Conservatively, one would argue that lyrics do matter more than the best production in the world. There many rappers, poets, and artists, yet few who can connect with the masses […]

Total Domination of Hip-Hop with Power It’s not hard to find someone engadged in the typical debate over Hip-Hop royalty. Normally the debate includes the likes of Jay Z,  Diddy, Rick Ross, and most commonly 50 Cent. A true pioneer of Hip-hop and one of the most formidable competitors in the game. As Hip-Hop’s dominates music, […]

The Current State of Hip-hop Listening to your favorite hip-hop radio station, it would not take long to realize that the hip-hop game has changed. Old-school heads do not believe that these changes are arguably not for the better. Critics complain that what was once considered poetic is now pathetic. With various songs detailing drug […]

DMX Is Right Here The Game needs DMX and we cannot deny that he can wreck a mic. But, where is DMX and what happened one of the greatest emcees to ever touch a mic? What can we expect to hear from him next? Will it be another classic such as Its Dark and Hell is […]

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