Hip-Hop albums to look forward to in 2018 2017 Hip-Hop has a great year for Hip-hop Albums. Hip-hop produced some great music from some of the best artists like Eminem and Jay Z in 2017. The things that you have to know is the personality, which varies drastically between artists so much there are other […]

Chris Brown In Trouble With The Law It would seem Chris Brown the villain of the Hip Hop/ R&B world has landed himself in hot water yet again. This time it is over some actual monkey business. It would seem the star purchased a pet monkey and quickly boasted about it on social media. The […]

The Current State of Hip-hop Listening to your favorite hip-hop radio station, it would not take long to realize that the hip-hop game has changed. Old-school heads do not believe that these changes are arguably not for the better. Critics complain that what was once considered poetic is now pathetic. With various songs detailing drug […]

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