Chris Brown and R. Kelly Juicy Booty Collaboration proves fan loyalty

Written by on January 2, 2018

Chris Brown & R. Kelly Collab on “Juicy Booty”

Chris BrownChris Brown, R. Kelly and Jhené Aiko collaborate on “Juicy Booty,” a track from his 45-song album Heartbreak on a Full Moon.  Since the release of the record, social media went crazy. No matter what side you are on, the timing of this collaboration can’t be right. In light of the recent women’s empowerment movement, any perceived notion concerning degradation of women is socially unacceptable. During 2017 numerous public figures have been required to answer for alleged allegations of sexual misconduct toward women.

The irony of the album’s release; arriving amongst alleged accusations of abuse throughout the entertainment industry.  However, is Hip-hop and R&B immune to the recent efforts of women to stand up against injustice?  These men who are no strangers to misconduct against women apparently have the Midas touch. Over the years, these artists have dropped non-stop hits amidst various allegations of sexual misconduct.

Two decades of bad press and R. Kelly remains relevant

R KellyLove it or hate it, R. Kelly continues to morph himself into relevancy. Rarely will an artist be blessed with an R. Kelly appearance on their project. Yes. He’s a beast in the studio and who can deny his hit-making ability. However, recently R. Kelly has been faced with accusations of operating a sex cult and holding young girls against their will. The Artist has gone thru great measures to clarify that these women are with him at their own free will.

With several allegations of sexual misconduct filed against R. Kelly over the last two decades, he remains relevant. Could this be because R. Kelly is not your average R&B artist, he is a producer, writer, and performer? Ok so he is a triple threat, but what makes him endure and so many other prominent induvial perish amidst such allegations? Do the fans care about the music or charges?

Does an R. Kelly Chris Brown Collaboration work in 2018

Overall, the collaboration between these two men works perfectly fine. Hip-hop and R&B fans are probably some of the most forgiving and loyal. R. Kelly and Chris Brown have both been previously accused of horrific crimes and managed to sustain their careers. These artists were not only able to maintain but make millions. Ask most people how they feel about Chris Brown or R. Kelly and the answers will vary. However, ask the average R&B fan what they think, and you may be surprised.  These artists have a dedicated fan base and should have no problem finding success on future projects. With the success of “Juicy Booty,” anticipate more collaborations from them in the future.

Do you feel like there is a double standard for the music business?

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