DJ Premier – Our Streets feat. A$AP Ferg

Written by on December 17, 2017

DJ Premier – Our Streets feat. A$AP Ferg

DJ Premier where have you been? The game has not been blessed with a track this fire in a long time. Surfing the web this morning and read across this track and thought I fell into a time machine. With lines such as “I just want something real, I’m tired of these ass shots” reminds us of just how depleted our craft has become.  Reading thru the youtube comments you will notice that there are many Hip-hop fans who have simply had enough of the mumble rap and want real lyrics.  They were waiting for a head banging classic such as this collaboration with DJ Premier and A$AP Rocky.

Why are there not more tracks like this

Why are there more tracks like this? If you seriously have to ask this question then you probably have not been watching the destruction of our beloved craft.  Hip-hop has struggled to remain relevant in recent years, primarily because of commercialization of the craft. Artist such as Mos Def, Common, LL Cool J and Ice Cube have transitioned into other businesses. If you are wondering why this is the case, consider the current state of radio. Yes, there are a few Drakes and J Coles out there with real lyrics, but the majority of the tracks released or less than impressive. Therefore what are the incentives for an artist to make something with substance.  Considering that this is a business why risk your 20 minutes of fame for the love of the craft. Since there are very few record companies developing artist, there is no filter for garbage that we hear on the radio every day. Another reason that Urban Heat Radio provides a platform to hear real hip-hop.

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