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DMX Is Right Here

The Game needs DMX and we cannot deny that he can wreck a mic. But, where is DMX and what happened one of the greatest emcees to ever touch a mic? What can we expect to hear from him next? Will it be another classic such as Its Dark and Hell is Hot? When will he grace the screen with the likes of Steven Seagull or Jet Li? Everyone knows that he had trouble in the past, but who hasn’t in the rap game? He has never dropped a flop or changed his flow like  many of these half ass rappers.  Bottom line, the god does not get enough credit is this game. One thing we know for sure and thats street credibility is something that he will never worry about. He came in this game as a Ruff Ryder and he is still the ultimate Ruff Ryder.


DMX is by far the most prolific lyricist in the game, ripping anyone who remotely attempts to speak his name. His classic lyrics such as “mind your business lady” from the Ruff Ryders anthem, shows he is real. Staring in movies such as Rome Must Die, and Exit Wounds, he successfully transitioned form the MIC to Hollywood. The Haters said that he would not be able to compete with Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince, and LL Cool J in Hollywood, but X became a major box office draw. His success on the big screen made him millions, but it would not stop him from following his passion, making music.

Why The Game Needs X

Okay when trying to understand the need for X you must realize how he dominated the game, and his ability to keep street credibility. X refused to  sellout, and was able to bring the hardest of hip-hop into the mainstream. With songs such as X Gone Give It To YA, Get it on the floor,  Party Up, and What They Really Want ft. Sisqo, he proved that an artist could have it all. Never once did he curcumin to the pressure of industry and change his appearance or flow. Regardless of where X is in his career, and life we know that not many rappers can get with him on any level.

Once of the best in two decades, DMX is everything that has been missing form the game.The gritty sound of the dog is what we are missing, and it will never be duplicated. DMX makes the average new jack rapper seem like straight trash, and thats fact. New Cats wanting success in the game should study how X keeps it real and lives his dream.

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