Hip-Hop albums to look forward to in 2018

Written by on January 27, 2018

Hip-Hop albums to look forward to in 2018

2017 Hip-Hop has a great year for Hip-hop Albums. Hip-hop produced some great music from some of the best artists like Eminem and Jay Z in 2017. The things that you have to know is the personality, which varies drastically between artists so much there are other sub-genres in the industry. There is trap music which is made by artists like Meek Mill and Gucci Mane. While the other standardized rap music is made by older artists like TI and Kanye West. These new albums in 2018 look to push the genre advance their own careers as well as their own music.

“SremmLife 3” By Rae Sremmurd

When reviewing Rae Sremmurd, personality is the primary word of any discussion But that word serves as a great trait to describe the duo. Even two years ago, they released smash records such as “No Type” and “Black Beatles” and topped the billboards charts. It’s that type of musical influence which has garnered so much attention. Addtionally, Rae Sremmund experienced great collaborations with other artists. Their song, “Throw sum mo” featuring Nicki Minaj is is a fan favorite. With massive success, the group has alot to live up to with their next album.

All you can ask for as a fan is that SremmLife 3 is an album with catchy tracks with consistent beats. Which is what the critics enjoyed so much about the other two alums and why they still listen to them today. If its anything like their other work, you can expect some great collaborations with other artists. The challenge for the duo is living up to their status as with songs like “Black Beatles”. If they can achieve that same success, than third album is looking to become one of the best alums of 2018.

“MYOB” By Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has had an amazing rap career so far. She’s  had a great start and some solid projects in between. Its been three long years since the arrival of her album, “The PinkPrint” and fans have been anxious ever since. No one thought that we would have to wait much longer in order to experience her next project. Some speculate that she might pull a Beyonce and just drop it when she feels like it. In the past year or so, Nicki has had beefs with other female rappers and this album may prove that she can still compete with the rest.

The success of this album is important for Nick’s career. If its a flop, she may never work on another album. People that would’ve wanted to feature her will reconsider. There are very few artists that have the type of branding that she has. She can likely be successful off of her image alone. The compettion will stare at each song with a magnifying glass, seeing exactly what each track offers. Regardless, the album will be big for the Hip-Hop game.

“Culture II” by Migos

Just a couple of years ago, the Migos were an obscure music group in Atlanta. Many people assumed that they would never gain the following that they have now. However, maybe its the culture of Atlanta that has made artists like 21 Savage, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz successful. When they launched the song “Bad and Boujee” in fall of 2016, it practically broke the internet in terms of popularity. Having Lil Uzi do a verse for them on that song didn’t hurt either. Songs like “T-Shirt” also helped to distinguish them.

Through there success the Migos have helped to create a brand that distinguishes them from other Atlanta rappers. Their so successful that even if they were to break up, the members Quavo, Offset and Takeoff could each have solid rap careers. Their new album is a sequel to their most successful album. All that fans can really ask for is that the music is fun and that the beats are catchy. The hype behind it will also determine if its successful or not. Migos have become so successful that they’re doing collaborations with the hottest artists in the game. Expect a lot from this next album.

TBT by Cardi B

Cardi B might could have been  one of the most successful one-hit wonders ever created. Before she made music, she used to be a stripper. This just proves that anyone who has the talent can be a great rapper. Her song, “Bodak Yellow” became one of the highest songs on the billboard charts. The music video on YouTube has over 400 million views currently and is still rising. With her success she is going to collobrate with artists that she can create great records with. There is an enormous amount of  pressure for Cardi B to continue her radio station dominance in 2018.

Personality is the keyword will be based upon the topic of discussion. Its not easy having to follow up such a popular track. Her connects should make things easier though. She is dating rapper Offset from the Migos. They are so close that Offset got a tattoo of Cardi’s name on her. She has Taylor Swift like potential and she can become a super star in this business.  Releasing some of  the biggest records since Lauryn Hill, If she can make a great album, she can be the biggest artist of the year. Whether that happens or not, only time can tell.

The Verdict

These are four great artists with a ton of expectations. Rae Sreemurd has to follow up some of the biggest projects the industry has seen. The Migos have created a rap empire and must live to expectations so that they don’t disappoint their fans. Nicki Minaj has to make an album that is the turning point of her career. Either it can flop and she becomes irrelevant, or she creates a grand comeback. Cardi B will have a chance to make a true name for herself, possibly becoming a superstar. There are more projects than these four that you should treat yourself to. Let us know what project you are waiting for.


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