Joe Budden Misunderstood & Underrated

Written by on December 20, 2017

Joe Budden the most Misunderstood

Who is Joe Budden? Could Joe Budden be one of the most underrated and misunderstood artists  in the hip-hop game?  Born in Harlem New York and raised in the harsh city of Jersey City, New Jersey.  Joe Budden is no stranger to the difficulty of the streets and is apparently a survivor. Throughout his life and struggles, his charisma, appearance, and personality has afforded him many opportunities.  Even with the struggles, he has excelled in his personal and professional life. Budden is a man that knows what he wants and succeeds in his goals. When he wants to be focused, he is just that.

His personality, is largely not understood by everyone in the hip-hop game. Bottom line, you either love him, or you hate him, but you have to respect his flow. After taking some time to learn about his career struggles and challenges, the concept of being misunderstood is evident. An accomplished hip-hop artists, producer, actor, and broadcaster, he is a force to be reckoned. However, can he stay out of his own way?

Musical  Accomplishments

The musical career Joe Budden is something of a fans liking. He has never experienced enormous commercial success however his fans are with him through thick and thin.  Having worked with the likes of  DJ Clue, and DJ Kayslay,  he was able to gain instant notoriety.  Joe used the opportunity to make himself one of the most anticipated artists of 2003, and did not disappoint.

Later that year Budden released his debut album titled merely “Joe Budden”, which was an instant success. In 2003 he received a Grammy nomination for his hit song “pump it up” featured on the fast and firious soundtrack. The song was further used in several video games such as Def Jam Vendetta, NBA live 2004, and Def JAM Fight for New York. Not a bad year for his pockets.

The success of his first album did not end with just video-game and movie sound track placement. During the same year a duet with Busta Rhymes titled “Fire” was featured on the hit movie “Mean Girls. Joe Budden was apparently on a roll, and later that year his song “Drop” was added to the soundtrack for the hit movie “Cradle 2 the Grave” and NBA live 2003.  During this time Joe but was the “It” guy and constantly featured on many projects. One is most notable hit songs was a duet with Marcus Houston that was produced by our R. Kelly titled “Clubbing”. The song reached number 39 on the US Billboard hot 100, and topped 15 on the UK BPI charts.

The music business

With all of his success, Joe Budden is not immune to the typical struggles artists experience in the hip-hop industry. With his career on fire, it would soon slow down due to the fact of a label dispute with Def Jam. Reportedly senior executives did not agree on the direction of his music, and the two sides agreed to the part ways. Joe Budden within release much of the music from that period on his Mixtape series titled “Mood Musik”  which was critically acclaimed.

Following his mixtapes, Joe Budden would eventually agree to a multi-album deal with Amalgam Digital and released three more projects.  He would continue to experience success on underground circuit and could be found performing worldwide. Anybody’s who’s had an opportunity to see Budden will say that he gives you one of the best shows you would ever see. His energy is impressive and he never let’s the fans down lyrically. An incredible artist who knows how to perform regardless of any personal struggles he is expericing. Bottom line Joe Budden is a professional and extremely accomplished in his skill.

Beyond the music

Now the million-dollar question. Is Joe Budden one of the most misunderstood artist to ever be a part of the hip-hop game? Considering his ability to remain relevant in the industry that’s so fickle, and forgetful of artists. Joe Budden has managed to re-create himself many times. He has demonstrated  ability to perform on the small screen as a reality TV star, while simultaneously maintaining a hip-hop career. Joe Budden simultaneously managed a podcasting career, and ultimately became a  full-blown broadcaster, which proved that he’s not the average hip-hop artists.

Those who have had an opportunity to speak with Joe Budden have reported an individual that’s extremely intelligent, focus, and caring. Furthermore, the compassion that he showed on “Love and Hip-hop” for his relationship displayed his vulnerable and compassionate side. Joe Budden is apparently not your average hip-hop artists, but much more of an intellectual.  He is also a shrewd businessman and knows how to make himself marketable.  Facing many challenges such as his recent controversy with complex “Everyday Struggle” there is no doubt that Joe Budden will find a way to bounce back.

Let us know what you think about Joe Budden .  Do you think he is one of the most misunderstood, are most underrated?

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