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In 1986 the Firemen join two stations KFMB and KSDO in San Diego the host a weekend show. However he knew he wanted more and hip-hop’s was at the heart of his passion. The firemen quickly transitioned started spinning throughout the San Diego area. It would be long before the word of his passion for hip-hop and r&b would spread throughout Southern California. 20 years later he has establish himself as a well-known producer, radio DJ, and investor.

In 2013 after listening to the transition of the hip-hop game, the fireman quickly became frustrated with what he was hearing on the radio. He would start researching the various options that were available with the infusion of Internet technology and decided to launch Urban Heat Radio. He did not open radio station for profit but merely for his passion for real hip-hop and R&B. Since 2013, the fireman’s has focsed heavily on development of the Urban Heat Radio brand, and outreach to other hip-hop ambassadors who want to see real hip-hop prevail.

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The fireman now host three shows on urban heat radio. Those who want a taste of the 1990s r&b, can tune into The Bad Boys R&B every Friday night and hear the likes of Keith sweat, Jodeci, Al B Sure, Troop, 112, Jagged Edge, and many more. A very popular show for those who just want to chill out listen R&B from a time when the bad boys rule the entire game.

The firemen also host a Thursday night show called lyrical madness, in which he features some of the hottest lyricist to ever pick up a mic. This is not a normal show because no matter how popular your music is, no lyrics no feature. The show transcends generational differences and focuses on the two roots of the craft; the lyrics. He decided to create the show because of the importance of saving the industry from commercialized destruction. A fireman continuously plays some of the hottest music ever during his lyrical madness show.

The Fireman will continuously play some of the hottest music  you ever heard.  That’s right, playing nothing but heat every time is on the air. An avid fan of hip-hop  his entire life, the fireman has annexed linear for what is hot, and was not. Tune into what his shows and you deftly hear only the best music possible. The  Fireman is a native of Louisiana and has lived in Southern California, and Washington DC. His eclectic ear genuine hip-hop will leave you grooving in your car  during his entire show. The fireman takes a special focus on filtering out anything that doesn’t contribute to expanding the hip-hop culture.

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