Can Nicki Minaj Recover From Shether

Written by on May 26, 2016

Can Nicki Minaj Recover

Okay so the biggest question this month has been if Nicki Minaj can recover from Remy’s lyrical beat down, Shether. Of course that question depends on who you ask. Most in the hip-hop game believe and respect lyrics clearly say Remy Ma won the battle. However, those dedicated Nicki Minaj fans will say that it really doesn’t matter, and Nicki is still the better artist. Some of her fans have stated that Shether was irrelevant, and claim that Remy was seeking fame. However, the streets say different, and are demanding a direct response by the “Queen of Rap” to the lyrical ambush of Remy Ma.

Nicki Minaj’s Response to Shether

Her response to the situation was sent out on a tweet “if you drop a hit I will give you a half-million dollars”. Nicki was clearly trying to shatter Remy’s inability to chart. Then Nicki when further and tweeted about the record sales of Remy and fat Joe. Pretty much dismantling any chance that Remy Ma would be a f a credible hip-hop artist, in terms of record sales. Within one week of the released of Shether Remy Ma became a smash worldwide, reminding everyone of the classic Nas & Jay-Z beef. However, Nicki Minaj would not go quietly as she released three singles in one day and each one charted on the Billboard top 100. Just another example of her ability to sell records.

The Aftermath of Shether

Determining the aftermath of Shether would be difficult since Nicki Minaj continues to sell out shows  with ease. Working hard on her next project and  as a major pitch woman with massive endorsements. Financially Remy Ma is no comparison Nicki, however the hands-down winner of this battle was Remy Martin in the streets. Street Credibility is something that commercial success can never buy, you must earn your street cred.

We may never see a head-to-head battle between these two ladies but the first shot fired is one that will be remembered.

Let us know who you think won the battle.

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