Rick Ross Releases Rather You Than Me

Written by on May 25, 2016

Rick Ross Releases New Joint

 Rick Ross is a true genius and still making banging heat. His latest album is tittle “Rather you than Me” is a blazer. With features by Wale and anyone who is anyone one in the rap game, Ross rips the mic.  His first single “Trap, Trap, Trap”, featuring Wale and Young Thug is guaranteed to make your head bounce. Rick Ross continues to shine and flash the fruits of his labor will delivering his signature sound over classic beats. There is no better representation a Trap than this video. Nor is there anyone with more street cred in the south than the Boss.

Crazy longevity

What makes Rick Ross last so long in this game? Maybe it’s the simple fact that he never reinvents himself. He remains true to who he is, and his fans love that. Often rappers will transform themselves into what sales, but never the boss. His flow and style has not changed since his debut album “Port of Miami” which was an instant classic. Could it be that Rick Ross has figured out the key to longevity? A multiplatinum superstar with that destroys anyone in his way, the Boss is truly a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, he has no plans of walking away from the game, so all haters better recognize his skills.

The Boss has Adversaries

The boss is no stranger to conflict which has been rather apparent in recent years. Many have challenged the Boss, but have failed to damage the rep of this triple OG and street hustler. After beefing with 50 Cent, and more recently Birdman, the Boss have managed to keep it on wax. The haters have stated his is experienced enough with prisons to never be locked inside one. This is a clear shot at his previous profession as a correction officer. However, the fans don’t care what he did in the past, and they just want hits.  With the release of “Idols Become Rivals” targeting Birdman, will he be able to keep his cool. How will Birdman or the Cash Money Records roster respond to the Boss?

His new album Rather you than me, will not disappoint and is worth the $10.99 that iTunes is selling it for. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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