Urban Heat Radio Team Members

Urban Heat Radio Team Members

Welcome to the Urban Heat Radio Team Member page.  These are the team members that keep Urban Heat Radio viable. As a result, each team member is dedicated to making sure that you that you are receiving the latest and greatest Hip-Hop in the game.  Remember this is your station and we have no issues accommodating your listening request. Every week we program our station based upon user feedback and request. In fact, we spend countless hours to ensure that we locate the best Hip-hop music and bring it to you.


Team Member Dedication

Every member of the Urban Heat Radio team is dedicated to hip-hop foundations and loves music. Yes, this is a business, but we only hire staff with a passion for the love music. What is passion to Urban Heat Radio? Passion is a love for music and a way of life. Each Urban Heat Radio team member shares their musical experience and love for the Hip-Hop culture. Which is why we are constantly seeking new team members who want to join our team for the love of the game. If you are a DJ, On Air personality, or producer we have the perfect opportunity for you. Join the Urban Heat Radio team and start living your dream .


User interaction

Urban Heat Radio team members remain dedicated to building a community of listeners who love the hip-hop game. These staff members are clearly not the average people. They understand that music is social and a community. Most of all, our staff members never shy away from interacting with the Urban Heat Radio listeners.  In fact, the staff often reaches out to listeners thru email, blog, twitter and facebook.

Check us out daily to ensure that you are reaching the top Hip-hop radio station on the web and staying up with the latest news.

The Fireman In 1986 the Firemen join two stations KFMB and KSDO in San Diego the host a weekend show. However he knew he wanted more and hip-hop’s was at the heart of his passion. The firemen quickly transitioned started spinning throughout the San Diego area. It would be long before the word of his […]

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