What’s next for Beyonce and Jay-Z

Written by on May 27, 2016

Next for Beyonce and Jay-Z

Chance are you have heard that the royal couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are having their second child and some speculate that it could be a boy. If that’s the case will he have lyrics like Jay? We will find out in due time but keep in mind that this has not worked for many. Corey Gunz is probably one of the most successful offsprings of a rapper in recent years. However, if anyone has the Midas touch it is Beyonce and Jay-z.  Considering that he recently opened a venture Capitol firm to expand upon his investments. Already  an investor in Uber, Roc Nation, Cater entertainment firm,  and now Arrive, which will should make the Beyonce and Jay-Z empire expand.

What has the god been Unto Lately?

Some industry experts are wondering how long will Jay-z remain an active part in his new venture? recently Sprint purchased a 200 Million dollar stake in his music streaming service “title” which he launched in 2015. Once again showing that anything he touches turns to gold. having sprint as a 33% partner along with full access to their user network, Jay-z stands to make even more coin.

His new venture Arrive will provide capital for startups and assist them with brand development.  Besides, who knows brand development more than Jay-Z? He has proven to be successful in nearly every venture he has touched since he first entered the game some two decades ago. Now with the powerful addition of the Beyonce brand, there is no end to where the Sean Carter enterprise could go.  Master P was one know for the phrase No limit, but clearly Jay is taking the phrase to a different level.

The future for Jay-Z and Beyonce?’

Once can only speculate how successful this couple will be and what amazing tracks they will amaze us with next. With and expanding financial empire and family, the properties may change but the music should continue to shape the game.

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